A-Eazy: The King’s Collection

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Want the ultimate A-Eazy experience? Get the limited edition King’s Collection from A-Eazy today. The King's Collection is a limited edition USB drive that comes with 3 albums and 12 music videos. Enjoy all this content in your car, on your smart TV or on your PC. Get yours today!


Rebels of the Light, pt. I

Sword in the Darkness, pt. II

Flames of Winter, pt. III

Music Videos:


Light Blaze

Search Party

Overtime (The Work 6)

The Work 7

Top Gun Remix


Out The Struggle

Self Destruction

Let Em Know

Flames of Winter Promo

The Work 8

Song format WAV

Video format MP4

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Anthony Edwards aka A-Eazy is a Christian Hip-Hop and Pop Artist from Cincinnati Ohio. A-Eazy has been writing, recording, engineering and producing music since he was 13 years old. All of A-Eazy’s songs are heavily influenced by his Christian faith. His goal is to inspire, uplift and save souls through his music by providing his testimony and a heart felt view on life in every song. A-Eazy is now a part of the 1st Kingdom Music Group, click here for the website: 1st Kingdom Music!

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