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Rebels of the Light, pt. 1 is now featured on one of the biggest Christian Hip-Hop websites in the world Rep Da King Mag.

Anthony Edwards aka AE Da MC Preacha is a Rap/Hip-Hop and Pop Artist from Cincinnati OH. AE is apart of Beyond Life Music Publishing, a record label and publishing company founded by himself and his father Vernon Edwards back in 2007. All of AE’s songs are heavily influenced by his Christian faith. His goal is to inspire, uplift and save souls through his music by providing his testimony and leading people to Christ. AE’s newest album Rebels of the Light pt. 1: Limitless is a great example of this. Rebels of the Light is an album that everyone can enjoy. This project was written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by AE. He recorded this project in 5 weeks in 2016 and released it on March 14, 2017. This project will quickly catch the ear of listeners that love comic books, video games and tv shows because this project is layered with references to that material. When asked AE often refers to this project as “a nerd album.” Citing that he gained inspiration for this project from rappers like Lupe Fiasco and Kendrick Lamar that are known for create albums and songs layered with metaphors, content and messages in their music. “I wanted to make an album where I was straight spitting bars and having fun. When I made the previous project Book 3 The Redemption in 2015, I was explaining my testimony of how God delivered me from situations in my life and made me into the man I am today. So if people really wanted music like that I have 5 albums worth of music that they could listen to. So with Rebels of the Light I wanted to take a different approach. People for years have asked me if I could just spit straight bars because I guess they haven’t gotten this from previous albums of mine. So I set out in the beginning to make an album like that and over the course of 5 weeks it developed into so much more. It developed into a project layered with a message, punchlines and metaphors. I suggest you get Google ready because you will be doing some research. The goal was to still keep Christ and the Gospel in my lyrics on Rebels of the Light but to present them in a create way that would appeal to not only the Christian Believer but also to the Non Believer. I know Rebels of the Light will exceed expectations of all my listeners, fans and supporters and will be an album you will enjoy for years to come.” – AE Da MC Preacha Rebels of the Light pt. 1: Limitless is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play and other digital outlets worldwide. You can also purchase physical copies of this album on AE’s website at For more on AE including a full bio visit his website at

Anthony Edwards aka A-Eazy is a Christian Hip-Hop and Pop Artist from Cincinnati Ohio. A-Eazy has been writing, recording, engineering and producing music since he was 13 years old. All of A-Eazy’s songs are heavily influenced by his Christian faith. His goal is to inspire, uplift and save souls through his music by providing his testimony and a heart felt view on life in every song. A-Eazy is now a part of the 1st Kingdom Music Group, click here for the website: 1st Kingdom Music!

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